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Named after Amie and her husband Jared's best feline buddy, Corretto Beans, they say it only felt natural to adopt her nickname JuggerBean as their business name. Quirky and cute, just like her. Juggerbean came to be when their little kitty started ninja kicking doors open and running into things like a Juggernaut. Thus the name was born, the JuggerBean. 


To provide a high-quality tattoo and artisan exerience in a rural farm setting.

"Kindness and creativitiy is my main motivation for JuggerBean. I want my business to offer a safe creative space for those recieving services, and encourage all who visit to enjoy the rural exerience our Heffley BC farm has to offer. 

- Amie Easton

Our awesome setup by Shagg. So excited f

I have been artsy since I can remember. From painting garbage cans in high school to running my own small tattoo parlour; nothing seems to be safe when it comes to my need for art. 

Growing up in a very hard-working environment and being the first in my immediate family to attend university, I know how hard being successful with your craft can be. Success to me is measured on how what you do makes you, I could not be more thankful to be tattooing and creating at my own shop we endearingly call JuggerBean. It has been a lot of hard work and a trial and error journey, but the most rewarding journey I have ever taken.


Art Sold:

JuggerBean Studio         | Heffley 

Two Rivers Art Gallery    | Prince George 

Art We Are                       | Kamloops

Iron Road Brewery          | Kamloops

Many publications, awards and articles I have had the honour of being featured in;

​2016 Prince George Chamber Of Commerce Service Excellence Award Nominee-- Nomination for consistently providing outstanding customer service

Prince George Free Press - SPCA Art Fundraiser

Prince George Citizen - Art Battle Semi-Finalist

Prince George Scene Magazine - Featured Local Artist Prince Goerge's First-Ever FanCon

Prince Geroge CKPG News - Drinking & Driving Live Painting Advertisement 

Prince George CKPG News - Artists Interview

Kamloops This Week - Christmas At the Courthouse Artist & Vendor

Kamloops BC Now - Art Battle City Finalist

Kamloops Parents - Art in the Dark Live KAC Painting Fundraiser 

Kamloops Media House - Live Interview, Selling Prints Online

Black Fork Ribbon




When It all started

Living in PG, I met and worked with the most amazing people at the CKPG news broadcast center. 

After completing an internship with the radio station, I was hired and started working as a control panel operator for the evening news, assisted reception, recorded and aired shows and news broadcasts attended community events and handed out sweet swag. 

It fed my creative spirit, and to this date, I have fondest memories of working with the crew at CKPG News. 

It was an honour to be featured as a local Prince George artist for this segment.

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