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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

We aim to live a sustainable lifestyle. What better way to create delicious fresh food, than to harvest and prepare it yourself. Our favorite #thompsonRiver #smokedtrout recipe.

Preparation time: 24 hours Brine time 30 minute smoke prep time, smoking time 8 hours, 30 min packaging time

Total prep time 33 hours

Place fish in brine bucket

We prefer to have our fish thaw from frozen in the brine to ensure a safe temperature is maintained during brining

Brine Ingredients:

Simple 1 to 1 salt brine

2 large oranges roughly chopped

2 large onions roughly chopped

3 cups of brown sugar

1 garlic bulb roughly chopped

3 cups soy sauce

1 cup seasoning mix (fresh Thyme, all spice, ginger)

Dry Rub:

2 cups honey

1 cup brown sugar

1 pinch all spice

1 pinch ginger

1 pinch garlic

It is really important to rinse the brine from your fish and pat dry.

We let the fish cure on the counter with the dry rub while the smoke house warms up.

Fish is very high in moisture, this can effect the texture and length of your smoke.

Chop fish into 2-3" inch chunks and place directly on to smoke racks.

Keep temperature at 175-200 for 5-7 hours

remove fish from racks let cool for a moist fish flake finish.

For a dryer fish nugget, remove from smoker, sprinkle with course salt and pepper, place on ventilated rack in oven at 300 for 40-60 minutes or until outside is crusting.

Let cool and package.


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