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Anonymous,acrylics on canvas_24x36inches

Marianna Abutalipova

Marianna was born in Uzbekistan where she studied art in the Art Academy of Tashkent, Uzbekistan (former USSR).  She moved with her family to the heart of Europe – Belgium, the country of the best beer, chocolates, and French fries. Marianna spent some time in the Royal Art Academy of Antwerp and travelled to other parts of Europe, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, London, and Rome.

Art was, is and always will be a part of her life. It is who she is, what Marianna feels, and how she views the world. Marianna loves creating bright, diverse and vivid colours and experimenting with the texture and different techniques like collages and graphics on paper. Mostly painting with acrylics on canvas: flowers, dancing women, landscapes, and abstractions are her favourite. Canada has been a massive inspiration to her as an artist from the start.

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