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Photo Credit: Natalie Sky


It is said that Jullian Greenman is not only talented, but he is likely the most incredibly handsome, funny, and humble individual one could ever hope to meet and that he definitely did not write this artist-bio himself. 



Definitely not him.


He has been scribbling on paper until he reached satisfaction since he was but a wee child and would later procure a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing Major) from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Over the years he has come to draw inspiration from many different sources (such as fantasy, ancient folklore, long-extinct creatures, dark art, and the human posterior.) For him, the need to create is instinctual like eating: The beast that is creative desire must be fed.


Jullian does tattoos. He draws. He paints. He plays the guitar and his own face and chases children with a lightsaber whilst death-growling orchestral scores with surprising vigor. There is nothing he can not do. Except take his artist bio seriously.

That he can not do.

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