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Recently, Deanna's eight-year-old son, Reggie, was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Perthes. 
Reggie has had his first surgery that will aim to correct his deteriorating femoral head in his hip. Doctors have described Reggie's recovery as very painful.  With the support of friends and family, Deanna and Reggie remain hopeful for a full recovery in 12-18 months. 
It has been a trying time for their family. 
Deanna's sole focus is her little boy, but that does not come without financial stress. Since COVID forced her floral business to close, Ask Dee Florals, Deanna's sole focus remains on Reggie first and their financials second. 

To help ease the financial stress of Reggie's battle with Perthes, JuggerBean has dedicated this page for Reggie and his family. You can purchase a #perthesawreness item, or donate directly through Deann's email below. Every little donation helps. 

With every art product tagged #perthesawareness, artist Bonnie Blue will be donating 100% of the proceeds earned to support Reggies' family focus on his recovery. 


Deanna and friends state," Reggie is her amazing little boy, and their hero,  adored by his older brothers and sisters, younger sister, cousins and friends, they will remain positive and persevere."

 Love Always,

Deanna, Luke & Ed 



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